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Litigation Support


Litigation Support & Consulting Service

Litigation Support Services

We are a full litigation support company offering Certified Court Reporters, Legal Videographers, Subpoena Preparation and Service, Trial Presentation and Video-Text Synchronizing for depositions, trial or mediation for all complex and technical law suits. We also offer up to date and cutting edge Litigation Support Software such as Sanctions, Trial Director and more for trial presentations and mediations.

From the beginning of your case to the end of your trial – Our litigation support and consulting services offer a full support team you can depend on.

We specialize in the following litigation support services:

  • Certified Court Reporters (Over 100 reporters Nationwide)
  • Real-time Reporters (LiveNote™)
  • Certified Legal Videographer Services (30+ years experience in the legal field)
  • Record Retrieval Services (In-house with over 70 years combined experience)
  • Trial Presentations(In-house)
  • Subpoena Services (Preparation, Serving and Filing)
  • Online Document Repository (Secured SSL Encrypted Database Access)
  • Document/Exhibit Scanning (OCR)
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Video Conferencing
  • Video Editing Studio
  • Video Synchronization to Transcripts